I like to stay busy, and what better way to stay busy than with the joys of jolly cooperation! I love hackathons because they force my team to think big, but also ship a functioning product within a short amount of time. Here are some of the products my teams have made over time:



Cryptoteka (#CryptoLife Status Hackathon Finalist, 2018 )

Roles: Product, Business Model, Logo, debugging, built Status extension for voting

Description: CryptoTeka can be defined as a jukebox where people can upvote songs that they would like to listen to. Whenever a song ends, it’ll play the following song in the list based on the number of received votes. If at some point no song has upvotes then nothing is played. The songs are represented as non-fungible tokens (NFT), where the songwriter’s address is tracked as the owner’s address. When a song is played, the song (actually the NFT) is paid with a microtransaction as a reward.

Future Follows

  • Make a front-end for the site!

Github Repo


Crypto2Go (ETHBoston)

Roles: Product, Business Model, Logo Design, site debugging

  • Submitted to ETHBoston Hackathon
  • Crypto2Go was designed to identify the best exchange rate between a cryptocurrency and a nation's fiat currency. Also, is a frictionless synthetic token provider that enables users to travel anywhere and use a local currency-based token with price stability businesses or charities that accept it.

Future Follows

  • Change focus from a travel agency and focus more on exchange rates, DeFi lending rates, and surfacing where the highest rates can be found and used by retail crypto owners.
  • Use an API; due to time constraints, the exchange rate is static, and I would rather decrease the number of supported currencies if that meant that exchange rates were refreshed dynamically.
  • Referral and outbound links to actionable lending sites (ie Compound, Loanscan, etc).
  • Github Pages Demo
  • DevPost

POGO (FINRA Buildathon @ MIT Winner, 2019)

My Roles: Product, Business Model, Logo Design, site debugging
  • Many Americans who want to better prepare for their financial future and invest their funds wisely are at a loss when it comes to navigating the market. The internet is saturated with how-to’s, articles, books, videos, and blogs on investing. This storm of content can leave many individuals feeling overwhelmed, and without the proper tools to grapple with this complex information.
  • Our solution: POGO. POGO is an app designed to make the concepts behind financial investing simpler and more relatable. POGO will break down abstract financial concepts into easily digestible quizzes, explanations, and exercises that the average person can activate in daily 5- 15 minute learning modules each day. . With social features like streaks and badges, POGO will encourage people to work financial education into a small part of their long-term daily routines. POGO will gradually give the average person the tools to make better informed financial decisions, conduct effective investor due diligence, and check their brokers and advisers.
  • Firms can integrate POGO into their platforms as well to give their customers a specific curriculum and educate their users on their investment space.

Future Follows

  • Get the backend up and running.
  • Alpha, then closed beta!

Github Repo