Composite Opus

⛅I walk among men with tall bones, With shoes of leather, and pink faces, I meet no man holding a begging bowl, All have their dwelling places.

In my country
Every child is taught to read or write,
Every child has shoes and a warm coat,
Every child must eat his dinner,
No one must grow any thinner,
It is considered remarkable and not nice
To meet bed bugs and lice.
Oh we live like the rich
With music at the touch of a switch,
Light in the middle of the night,
Water in the house as from a spring,
Hot, if you wish, or cold, anything
For the comfort of the flesh,
In my country. Fragment
Of new skin at the edge of the world’s ulcer.

For the question
That troubled you as you watched the reapers
And a poor woman following,
Gleaning ears on the ground,
Why should I have grain and this woman none?
No satisfactory answer has ever been found.

- "Clouds on the Sea, Ruth Dallas (link). As 2Chainz would say, that's a pretty poem. You could frame that!

I avoided writing this post for about a month because I wanted this first post to be profound. Now, I just want want it to be out there so that I can start.

Up until this point, I've done well with the feedback loops around me: I had a lot of friends in and outside of work that were a short walk or text away, and the day job was always stimulating. Now, I've found that a lot of the feedback loops I've taken for granted are gone, and I need to do something about that to keep up with dem 'coinz. I find that I like learning when I have something or someone to test what I learn, and there's nothing like a good ol' [para]social dynamic to get things done and feel accomplished!

So, I set out to do what everyone else in crypto does in 2019:

I'm starting a podcast


paid Telegram group


- Credit: "Oh No Generator" and Alex Norris

In this blog, you'll find posts about*

  • Cryptocurrencies!
  • Cryptoassets!
  • Shitcoins+!
  • Critiques!
  • Business model canvases!
  • Thought exercises on business models and market forces!
  • Naïve attempts at blogging about finänce!
  • Occasional prose/lit**!
  • Ruminations on life!
  • And more!

This first month, I'll be cycling through the above topics until I get a proper rhythm going. Posts will be ~1/week, so keep an eye out on here or on Twitter.


* Eventually
+ To current/future employer who finds this: this is a term of art that has been committed to Congressional testimony.